Best Flexibility Camp in USA

5 weeks June 28th-July 30th

Week 1:               6/28-7/2            9-12 pm

Week 2:               7/6-7/9               9-12 pm

Week 3:               7/12-7/16          9-12 pm

Week 4:               7/19-7/23          9-12 pm

Week 5:               7/26-7/30          9-12 pm


$250/week (Weeks 1,3,4,5)

$199/week (Week 2)


Tentative Camp Curriculum:

  • Cardio warm-up

  • Flexibility and strengthening

  • Ballet/Technique

  • Back flexibility and oversplits

  • Acrobatics, leaps, pivots and balances

We use props at each camp day: blocks, stretching loop bands, wall barres, ballet barres, ball and rope.

Flexibility Academy is a leading Flexibility School in the country is now inviting you to join our Summer Camp 2021.


If you are a dancer, figure skater, gymnast, cheerleader or any type of an athlete who needs to improve their flexibility, technique and develop strength and learn new tricks then our camp will be exactly what you are looking for.

This will be our 6th flexibility camp and since 2015 we trained many national winners, celebrities, Broadway stars and world-class athletes (The Quiners family, Pressley Hosbach "Dance Moms Season 8", Ivana Radar, Siena Morris, Anna Goffredo, Angelina Velardi, Sadie Sullivan and more to be named)

We are very much about correct alignments, safe and healthy training and all about details. Our coaches Nationally certified with specific college degrees and with tons of experience.